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New iPad ads are based on user tweets

There is no doubt that the release of the iPad was a revolution for users used to PCs and in the last campaign with which Apple decided to close this week, the positive impact of these devices is shown in a very funny way.

This is a series of 4 user-published tweet-based videos that highlight the features of these tablets.

New iPad ads are based on user tweets
New iPad ads are based on user tweets

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The general campaign is composed of 4 very direct videos of barely 15 seconds long. Each of the videos that you can see below are aimed at those users who are sceptical about the features of the iPad and who find it difficult to give them a chance, preferring the PC.

In the tweets that can be seen in each video, the advantages of the iPad Pro are highlighted, such as the LTE connectivity, the fact that it does not have computer viruses, the Word for iOS and the multiple possibilities that a tablet has in front of a PC. In addition, Cupertino’s took the opportunity to show off accessories such as the Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard.

Apple hopes that the announcements will help increase interest in the iPad we will see this 2017 , although it is not yet clear whether it will be in the spring or in the second quarter of the year. One is the updated 12.9-inch model, but the other is rumored to be a 10.5-inch device. A third, sized at 9.7 inches, could serve as a new “economic” model offered by the A9 chip. So far, there is no indication that Apple intends to refresh the iPad mini.

The only thing that is strange about this announcement is its release with the end of the life cycle of the just before the release of the new line, unless this decision reaffirms the rumors that Apple would be eager to clean the old units as quickly as possible.