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New iPad 2 ad, thinking about Christmas

Lovers and passionate about Apple ads, we bring new material to all of you. Even those of you who can’t get hold of one and are tired of watching the iPhone 4S on TV. Today you are all in luck, as the company based in Cupertino has created a new commercial to refer to the iPad 2 and boost its sales before the Christmas campaign. Come in to see it.

Passionate and in love with Apple ads, we have a new shot of an Apple ad available. If you want to see the ad, you can find it on Apple’s official Youtube channel just like all its predecessors.

New iPad 2 ad, thinking about ChristmasNew iPad 2 ad, thinking about Christmas

This time, refers to the best selling tablet on the market and all the love its owner can feel for it. Of course, the name of this advertising campaign is “Love”.

Christmas is just around the corner, and many will take advantage of the days before to stop by the Apple stores and make the first purchases of this time of year. The ad will help to help the undecided who have enough money to give such a high level gift .

Another intention may be to encourage sales next Friday, which as we all know, is Black Friday in the United States and Apple is taking it to the rest of the world through its Apple Store Online.