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New iOS 11 concept video, a system that will replace PCs

Everything still revolves around the next WWDC. If the focus is on iOS 11 and the possible 10th anniversary iPhone, the iPad also has its own place .

New iOS concept for WWDC

iOS 11 will be mainly focused on the iPhone, however the operating system will also have its space reserved for the iPad. Intriguing new features that will be revealed in the coming weeks but that we can dream of seeing in just a few days. One of the iPad lovers has created a new iOS 11 concept video on our iPads. In the video, we can see many of the new features completely adapted for the Apple tablet .

New iOS 11 concept video, a system that will replace PCs
New iOS 11 concept video, a system that will replace PCs

iOS 11 features in the concept video

Next day June 5 , Apple lovers will see the WWDC, the developers’ conference where Cupertino’s developers will present their next software versions. One of the most awaited items at WWDC will be iOS 11 . A new version of software that raises so much hype that it gives rise to a multitude of videos on the net. This new video shows a few proposals that iOS 11 could incorporate in 4K quality .

iOS 11 adapted for the iPad

We have over 100 proposals in this iOS 11 video . While it is true that the tablet market has been losing buyers for quite some time, there are still many people (like me) who are passionate about the world of the iPad and want to see real improvements in these devices.

We are talking about features that seek to win the battle of the tablets against the PC. While it’s true that iOS 10 currently doesn’t provide the best user experience for the iPad to take on computers, who knows if iOS 11 will make the leap and break the market trend.

This video seeks to introduce us to new features that many developers and users are asking Apple to provide.

A new iPad gesture, drag and drop

One of the new features that has caught our attention is the drag-and-drop option . This is a gesture that we often use on computers using Morse and that is not yet possible on the iPad.

What’s new in iOS 11 from the concept video

The iOS 11 concept video shows how Apple could implement this experience on the Apple tablet. The source explains the various details Apple would need to make this feature a success.

New split screen for iOS 11

Looking back, iOS 9 introduced one of the most important features for the iPad, the ability to split screen and use two applications simultaneously (Split View). This was a feature that offered for the first time a real multitasking on the iPad through two windows. Well, in this concept video we can see a renewal of this function. It is a novelty in terms of optimizing the function of split screen in these Apple devices.

The video continues to show more news about a possible iOS 11 optimized for the iPad. New features include a revamped file manager, a new interface, plus other minor improvements to the extensions, the Notes application, and the Home screen and apps found there. Don’t miss possible news, new features of future iOS versions through our website.

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