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New iOS 11.2.2 update slows down some iPhones by up to 50

Apple released a few days ago the iOS update to fix Spectre’s vulnerabilities, but again, this update includes an additional issue, the iPhone slowdown.

This issue is not unique to Apple, in fact, Apple is doing everything possible to address the security issues, but inevitably, it has already been warned that the performance of the devices could drop significantly.

New iOS 11.2.2 update slows down some iPhones by up to 50
New iOS 11.2.2 update slows down some iPhones by up to 50

Please note that this issue defaults to Intel, AMD or ARM processors . A recently discovered issue, where in the case of Apple, it began working quickly to fix it with the least possible impact on users.

iOS 11.2.2 comes to address the vulnerability, but also to add a problem to devices, specifically the iPhone and iPad. In some extreme cases, performance can be affected by up to 50% , although the average is 25% on devices.

These figures are highly variable depending on the device. At first, we talked about a loss of between 5% and 30% on average , but we are seeing cases where these limits are exceeded.

Specifically, users of iPhone 6 are the worst off. Performance has decreased dramatically, and the battery problem that used to slow down the iPhone has become a more serious problem.

Perhaps, with future security updates , this impact will be much less, but this problem was already noticed when applying the security patch.

We insist that this problem lies with the processors of the devices, where Apple is doing everything possible to solve this vulnerability and ensure the security of users .

Unfortunately, this solution comes at a rather sensitive time for the company, where it is currently receiving several lawsuits from different countries for possible crimes of fraud and computer sabotage , as is the case of FACUA in Spain.

Through the Apple5x1 social networks, some users have already expressed the slowdown of their devices by upgrading to iOS 11.2.2 . Today, with this original information from in an extensive analysis, collected by Softpedia, it seems to be confirmed.

Have you noticed a drop in performance on your iPhone after upgrading to iOS 11.2.2. On which device did you notice this?

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