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New iMacs May Delay Their Launch

The new iMacs that Apple introduced during its latest keynote are due to go on sale at the end of November for the 21.5″ model and December for the 27″ model. But it seems that, according to MacBidouille, they could be delayed .

The cause of the delay would be the soldering process that Apple uses in the new case, which allows this thickness of only 5mm. FSW (friction stir welding) is a welding technique whereby two parts are welded together using the heat generated by the friction of a rotating part. The two aluminium parts to be joined are then pressed together under high pressure.

New iMacs May Delay Their LaunchNew iMacs May Delay Their Launch

The complexity of the process would be making the pace of production not the desired one. Therefore, the doubt is whether it will affect both models, only the 21.5″ model or they will arrive at their date but with a reduced stock that will cause delays because they cannot satisfy the demand. We hope this will not happen. First and foremost, to the users who are patiently waiting to buy their new iMac. Second, even if we’re less affected or not affected at all, because if the company’s stock has been declining in recent months, this could be another blow to its price.