New GoPro apps make editing video in iOS easier than ever


Earlier this year GoPro announced the acquisition of two video editing companies: Replay and Splice With this purchase, they plan to offer a better service to GoPro users , a service that can allow them to quickly edit what they record with the camera directly on the phone. Today, GoPro launches its unique “creative suite”.

New GoPro apps make editing video in iOS easier than ever
New GoPro apps make editing video in iOS easier than ever

The GoPro creative suite consists of two iOS applications called Quick and Splice . The former, as its name suggests, will allow you to automatically and quickly edit any video for export. The second, offers more powerful tools for editing entire videos on the iPhone.

In a matter of seconds Quick allows you to convert photos and videos without having to do anything to create incredible compositions. It’s all automatic, with the app analysing the content you offer and adding the best effect and music, as well as synchronising the rhythm with what you see in the video.

In fact, Quick even lets you not even have to log in to the app , once a week it lets you know to log in and you’ll have all the videos you’ve recorded edited and ready to share on Facebook, Instagram or wherever you want. It’s available on the App Store for free.

You can use both apps without a GoPro camera

In Splice everything is manual , this means you have a powerful video editor on your iPhone. You add filters, trim your videos, sync your music, and change your times. This way, you can make sure your video is completely personalized and to your liking. You can even add sound effects or record your own sounds to add to your video. And of course, you can add text and transitions. Available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

The truth is that both GoPro applications look great. Replay itself was already great, and now this is all better integrated into GoPro. Furthermore, it is a very good alternative to iMovie or to the very filters that other iOS apps allow.


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