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New Features for the Most Players in iOS 7

We’re seeing the move from iOS 6 to iOS 7 come loaded with significant new features and unprecedented visual change. In this case we have looked at the video game part. Big changes that have radically changed Game Center, the way users interact with each other, and the possibility given to the developer to get the most out of their video games and to control cheating users.

There are certainly many areas where new versions of the Bite Apple operating systems are making improvements. One of the areas where great strides have been made is in the field of video games. Not only has been considerably improved Game Center and given new features, but Apple, too provides measures for developers to avoid cheating in their games.

Security and measures against cheaters

New Features for the Most Players in iOS 7
New Features for the Most Players in iOS 7

In the new iOS 7 Game Center, Apple has put a lot of effort into fighting the cheaters . To this end, the Californians have implemented three measures aimed at such work:

  • The score submission is now signed and encrypted so any sign of tampering will cause this submission to be rejected.
  • Apple has made improvements to iTunes Connect to prevent scoreboard spam. This will allow you to set a high score limit according to the game’s features. This will deter cheaters.
  • The third is the ability Apple gives developers to watch for suspicious player movements and adds the power to restore scores and block those players.

Classification tables

A new way of displaying the tables and an improvement in their performance at both user and developer level. Developers can now set up up to 500 different leaderboards – previously the maximum was 25 – for their game based on a large number of variables making the tables much more dynamic . Players will have a much greater chance of appearing at the top of any of the available leaderboards.

Top challenges

This is already possible in iOS 6 but, with the launch of iOS 7, a big step forward has been taken. It allows developers a lot of control over them so that they have much more specific challenges to face players with similar levels and features and it also adds a new friend finder and message composer when challenging someone in Game Center within an application. This will make the system much more comfortable as the user will not have to leave the application to challenge his friends .

Sprite Kit

This is a new 2D rendering engine . It offers a new physics engine, a complete particle system and other tools that will delight the virtuosos of video game creation. Integrates seamlessly with Xcode . Apple wanted to leave everything well tied up and the Sprite Kit comes with quality examples available for the developers to learn from. Great tools for future amazing games.

Turns in multiplayer

Huge improvements are coming in iOS 7 as far as turn-based games are concerned. One of them is the possibility of playing for tunos simultaneously . But without a doubt, there is a new turn-based trading system that will allow you to add auctions and trade between players according to the possibilities of the game.

Game controls

Something that pleasantly surprised the entire community is the possibility of using third-party controllers in the video games of the Bite Apple company. Apple will offer two possibilities in terms of control configurations, all of them sensitive to the pressure on their buttons .

The first possibility that Apple gives is a driver that will allow to couple the device in its structure -PSP style- and the second possibility is a totally independent driver that will connect to our device via Bluetooth .

iOS 7 is giving a lot to talk about. It is gaining great supporters as well as great detractors . But it is undeniable that huge steps are being taken in every corner of the mobile operating system of the Bitten Apple company. On this occasion, we have talked about games, a sector for which Apple stands out favourably and which I clearly want to pamper . Without doubt, great advances in this area that are not going to disappoint any videogame fan.

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