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New emoji food icons for Unicode 8.0

The Unicode Consortium today announced the new version of the Unicode standard, which defines special characters and symbols, including emoji. Unicode 8.0 introduces 7,716 new characters, which includes six new scripts and new symbols, with letters supporting African languages, lower case cherockee symbols, etc .


New emoji food icons for Unicode 8.0
New emoji food icons for Unicode 8.0

But in relation to what interests us iOS and Mac users, Unicode 8.0 brings 37 new emoji and five tone modifiers (which Apple already implemented months ago). These new emoji icons will surely be seen in future system updates, although we don’t know if Cupertino will give them time to be inserted in OS X 10.10.4 and iOS 8.4.

Of these 37 new emoji, the inclusion of new foods stands out, such as Mexican tacos, the piece of cheese, the burrito, the bottle of champagne opening, hot dog, popcorn, turkey and the face of a unicorn . Other sports that had been ignored until now, such as badminton or volleyball, have also been included. There are new faces: hypnotized eyes, face with a zipper in the mouth, robot, face that goes up and down, and hug.

Unicode only includes the text description of what each emoji means, and each company interprets them as they prefer , or as their designers come up with, thus creating characteristic icons like the Apple Watch or the iPhone in the case of Apple. Despite this, the faces are usually the same between systems, as is the case between Android and iOS.

It is curious to see how Apple has not yet implemented the Unicode 7 standard, having so far icons that still date back to Unicode 6 . So we don’t know when the Californian company will dare to make the leap to give us a whole new emoji universe, since its implementation has improved a lot in their operating systems, thanks to the cataloguing they incorporated in the last update.

Unicode 9 will arrive in 2016, and will bring icons like bacon, avocado, shoulder shrug, croissant, owl, selfie, drooling face, and more . No, the paella will not come out yet, despite the requests of many. Maybe the problem is that the request is made to the wrong person. WhatsApp has absolutely nothing to do with the emoji on your phone.

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