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new documentary with LeBron James, political docuserie and many signings

Overcoming the hype that brought the teaser of Fundación is very difficult. But until that series is released next year, Apple continues to add more content to its streaming service . After a short break at the forefront of Apple TV+ news, we return with our weekly compilation.

Two releases this month: The Code of Excellence and Boys State

What is it that has brought famous athletes to the top? That is the question that the docuserie “The code of excellence” wants to answer. The first season will feature seven episodes starring elite sportsmen and women of all kinds:

  • LeBron James, three-time NBA champion.
  • Tom Brady, six-time Super Bowl champion.
  • Alex Morgan, gold medalist at the football Olympics.
  • Usain Bolt, eight-time Olympic athlete.
  • Shaun White, gold in the snowboarding Olympics.
  • Katie Ledecky, five-time Olympic gold medalist.
  • Kelly Slater, surfing champion.
new documentary with LeBron James, political docuserie and many signings
new documentary with LeBron James, political docuserie and many signings

The premiere of Greatness Code, English title of this docuseries, will be on July 10th . This trailer is joined by another from the documentary Boys State:

Boys State was bought earlier this year for $10 million. Its premiere will be on July 31st in US cinemas, while will arrive at Apple TV+ on August 14th . It is a political documentary where 1,100 17-year-old kids attend a week-long annual program to build their own state government.

Will Smith, Stephen King and more news

A few days ago, news broke about a record-breaking content purchase. Apple has taken over the rights to “Emancipation”, for which it has paid up to $120 million . The film stars Will Smith and is based on the true story of a runaway slave.

As he flees through the Louisiana swamps to the north he will be pursued by hunters looking to catch him. Apparently, there were originally seven companies bidding for the contents. Finally, Warner Bros and Apple were the only two left, with the result being Cupertino’s bid.

Lisey’s Story is a mini-series directed by Chilean Pablo Larraín. The director should have finished this story based on a Stephen King book a month ago, according to IndieWire. After six months of filming and just a few weeks before finishing, they had to stop everything because of the pandemic . In eight episodes, it will tell the story of Lisey Landon, starring Julianne Moore. It revolves around the death of her husband, a very successful novelist, from whom Landon is still recovering.

At AppleA couple of Apple engineers discuss the new features of the Apple Pencil on iPadOS 14 in an interview

Finally, Apple has closed a deal with the creator of Defending Jacob, Mark Bomback (via AppleInsider). This mini-series has been very well received by the public and now Bomback will work creating exclusive content for Apple TV+ . The company has also closed a deal to stay with “Physical”, where a housewife in the 80’s who is going through a bad patch finds an outlet in her aerobics classes.