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New details on the upcoming iPad mini and iPhone 5S

Rumors are a constant in the Apple ecosystem, and a part of it. Now the first rumors about the new iPhone 5S, second generation iPad mini and fifth generation iPad are beginning to take hold. We know the approximate launch dates and key names, as well as its most prominent features, including the 13-megapixel camera on the iPhone and the retinal display on the iPad mini.

The first serious rumours about the next iPad mini and iPhone 5S are starting . The next step will be to see components filtered in Chinese factories. At the moment this is what we know about the next Apple iDevices.

New details on the upcoming iPad mini and iPhone 5SNew details on the upcoming iPad mini and iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5S is still far from being produced, but according to iLounge sources, it will be launched this summer. Its star feature will be the rear camera , which is sure to mount a 13-megapixel Sony sensor, as well as an improved flash. The new A7 processor is taken for granted, and the current prototypes are called the N51 and N53.

The fifth generation iPad is called J72 , and will probably be renewed in October, just one year after the fourth generation iPad.

The second generation iPad mini, which contains the code name J85, is planned for October as well. It is assumed that will have the same physical appearance as the current first-generation model, but will feature the Retina screen . Not much more is known at the moment about its performance, but if it finally mounts the Retina screen, quite a few changes will have to occur inside it, such as the inclusion of a low power IGZO panel, and a battery with twice the capacity that takes up the same space as the current one, which will be a big challenge for Apple.

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