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New design of beta

In Cupertino they continue to polish the details to leave everything ready on the day of the release of iOS 7. has received its share of news today, receiving a complete redesign and adapting to the new style guides that mark the new Apple mobile operating system. For this, the icons and interfaces of the different sections are now like in iOS 7. premiered new features at the WWDC’s inaugural presentation. That’s why Apple enabled an beta website, which our colleague Axel already analyzed in video. However, this website still had the interface and icons of the normal version of A few minutes ago has changed its design, being now according to iOS 7 .

New design of betaNew design of beta

All apps have been redesigned to fit the iOS 7 interface, however iWork in the Cloud still retains the old design, and that’s because we don’t yet know what the redesign Apple has prepared for its office suite in iOS 7 will look like.

For now, if we continue to use we will have the classic interface, according to iOS 6. If you want to enjoy this new interface , you will have to go to Without further ado, we leave you with the screenshots of the new and a complete gallery:

Main screen

The worst thing about this screen is how much the old icons squeak with the old ones, but in a matter of time this will no longer be a problem . The background used is animated and the bubbles move as if we were in iOS 7.

The most impressive thing would be if I used the effect parallax so that would move according to our computer . But I tried moving the MacBook and the background doesn’t move. Macs don’t have a gyroscope but they do have an accelerometer to detect a fall and stop the hard disk.


Mail is one of the applications that best suits the redesign. In an elegant blue color it retains a lot of similarity with its iPad version, and it would really be nice to have an interface like this in the OS X Mavericks version. The mailing list is on the left bar and the message itself has a big space on the right.


Nothing remarkable, with its homonymous interface in iOS 7 and with blue also as the predominant color of the interface . The interface is divided into several columns that divide the different elements.


Another full-screen application shows us the calendar in red , taking advantage of every pixel on our monitor, and allows us to see more information without the classic leather we had in the old version.


This one is shiny yellow and leaves aside the old yellow paper sheets and wood . Everything is now much simpler and the information is more readable.


The reminders are divided into two , with a column showing the groups of reminders on the left and a huge panel on the right showing our tasks.

Find my iPhone

The most surprising thing about Find my iPhone is that Apple is still using Google maps, which is strange if they have just redesigned the application. Don’t they still trust their own mapping system? As with all, the interface has been simplified as much as possible and when you are locating our devices a compass like the one in iOS 7 appears.

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