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New design for Yahoo! Finance for iOS

Nueva app de Yahoo! Finance

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New design for Yahoo! Finance for iOSNew design for Yahoo! Finance for iOS

There are still some stragglers who have yet to update their interface to iOS 7. Yahoo! is not spared either and has finally decided to launch its new version of Yahoo! Finance, completely redesigned and with a really attractive design, which presents the state of the stock market in a very graphic way and with spectacular real-time graphics.

Yahoo! along with Google is one of the most important iOS application developers, offering more quality applications and services. In fact, their latest updates have always been sound , like the redesign that brought Yahoo! Mail or Yahoo! Weather. Their relationship is so good, that they are the data providers for the widget and Weather and Weather applications.

Still, they wanted to redesign their stock market application for iOS, bringing to Yahoo! Finance a completely new interface adapted to the design of iOS 7; and it really looks good. Another great news is that now sends us notifications if we want to depending on parameters we set .

With this version 2.0 they promise us a completely renewed experience with a new arrangement of the changes in the price of the shares and the news related to these brands. As a bonus, the application will now alert us when an important news item suddenly changes the value of a company’s shares .

At the moment the Finance application is not available in the Spanish App Store , and it is only available in the American one, so we will have to wait for some hours, as we still have to wait with the Nike+ Move application that was presented yesterday.

Even though this application is really good, for those of us who already use the Stock Market application that iOS has integrated, we won’t notice too drastic changes that invite us to take the leap. Maybe if Apple allowed to uninstall their apps I would venture to change it for Yahoo! Finance, but for the moment I think I will continue with the app from Stock Exchange.

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