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New data for a refurbished Apple MacBook Pro

Visiting the Geekbench page we can find new data regarding a new MacBook Pro “15.2” with performance data higher than the current generation.

For some time now we have been looking at possible leaks of a new generation of MacBook Pro that Apple may release later this year. With the data collected on Geekbench, this information could be related.

New data for a refurbished Apple MacBook ProNew data for a refurbished Apple MacBook Pro

Not long ago, a new record of another MacBook Pro appeared with 32GB of RAM , in this case, we would be finding a model with 16GB of RAM and a higher score than current models.

As we can see in the image, the Single-Core score gives us about 4,448 points in an operating system macOS 10.13.6 . While in Multi-Core, the score goes up to 16607 points. If we compare it with the current models, we can see how effectively the score is higher compared to the current generation.

This model could be a version of 13″ but with the data collected in this test, the characteristics would be superior to the current model of 15″. Something that is pleasantly surprising. The processor that mounts this MacBook Pro is a Intel Core i7-8559U Coffee Lake with a power of 2.7GHz up to 4.5GHz.

At the beginning of June, we found a new test where it referred to a MacBook Pro with 32GB of DDR 4 RAM . It may be the model from 15″ and we would have news about it this year, along with the model from 13″.

We recall that the current MacBook Pro was heavily criticized for its limited 16GB of RAM and for its continuous keyboard problems. Apple recognized the problem and offered to repair the affected models totally free , whether they are under warranty or not.

Do you think we’ll see the new MacBook Pro this year? Will the models with 32GB of RAM finally arrive?