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New concept of the iPhone XI with a more discreet triple camera

January is being a month loaded with new concepts for the future iPhone XI, when there are still almost 9 months left to see the successors to the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR . In the concept that we are going to discuss today we have been able to see a much more realistic triple camera, which could correspond to the final design of this equipment.

2019 will be loaded with new smartphones with triple camera, being this the general trend for all brands. We hope that Apple will not be left behind with its new iPhone and also incorporate it . In this video we can see a way to integrate it with a much more discreet design than we have seen so far.

New concept of the iPhone XI with a more discreet triple camera
New concept of the iPhone XI with a more discreet triple camera

Until now, the concepts we have seen proposed that the camera modules be square, something that was quite crude and ugly. In this concept we have seen how the camera unit remains oval, as we see in the current iPhone, but a little more expanded to add the third camera. This would be a more credible design coming from Apple as it is more discreet and above all much more aesthetic.

The flash we have seen in some rumors could be a simple ring around the camera modules, when currently there is an LED flash. This would give us a better quality when using the flash in different light conditions.

Besides showing us the design of the camera, this designer wanted to launch his bet of features for this iPhone XI. Among these we would find a 120 Hz screen as in the iPad Pro giving us a better user experience when working with our iPhone, something that could end up becoming a reality but is not at all clear.

Another bet is the incorporation of the Touch ID technology under the screen, offering us diverse systems of biometric security. We may not end up seeing this because Apple has bet on the security of Face ID, and they may decide not to incorporate Touch ID again. For us I think that the two systems can coexist as there are situations where unlocking the iPhone through Face ID is quite complicated.

Leave us in the comments box what you think about this iPhone XI render, do you think this could be its final design?

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