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New Belkin accessory collection for the iPad 2


Below you will find a list with images of the new Belkin products that will arrive to the European stores next spring although something tells me that some of them will vary slightly from the material supplied by the company. You only have to look at the pictures to notice that most of the cases have the first generation iPad inside, a third thicker than the new model.

FlipBlade Adjust

New Belkin accessory collection for the iPad 2
New Belkin accessory collection for the iPad 2

Lightweight, compact stand opens and adjusts in four positions depending on use (virtually vertical for FaceTime video conferencing or more inclined for typing). It’s designed with an opening to allow access to connectors so you can continue to charge your iPad while you’re using it. 29.99 euros .



The first stand for the iPad 2 that offers great stability and support on banded or uneven surfaces, allowing it to be used comfortably on the bed or sofa. The invention consists of a beanbag (a bag filled with some granulated material) with a non-slip base and an iPad stand. Not a bad idea, no. 29.99 euros .

Flip Folio Stand

Belkin has also presented a new line of Folio Stand covers with a very interesting design that allows various viewing angles and protects the iPad, making it a sort of 21st century agenda. 39.99 euros .

Access Folio

Another variant of the Folio covers that as a special feature has a pocket in which to store our accessories. 34,99 euros .

Slim Folio Stand

Ultra-slim design case made of perforated synthetic leather. 39.99 euros .

Verve Folio Stand

Couldn’t be more sober and elegant. 49.99 euros .

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