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New Apple Watch thanks to WatchOS 3

When Steve Jobs introduced the original iPhone, he conveyed to the world a concept that has accompanied all the company’s mobile devices: are platforms on which operating systems are based and on which developers work tirelessly. There comes a time when, due to hardware exhaustion or a strategic decision, this hardware becomes ‘obsolete’ and the customer is forced to go through the shop.

That is, as long as you want to enjoy the benefits of the latest developments. With the Apple Watch we have experienced this in a very intense way . The first version, especially as far as performance is concerned, was crude and practically unusable in third-party applications, but Apple has once again taken the wand out and turned it around.

WatchOS 3: new watch

New Apple Watch thanks to WatchOS 3
New Apple Watch thanks to WatchOS 3

I acquired my Apple Watch a few months after it was released, that is, when the network was already full of criticisms related to the speed of opening and running third-party applications. Videos began to appear on YouTube showing how an app took forever to open or did not open at all. However, I relied on Apple’s expertise in tuning its platforms.

And luckily time proved me right. WatchOS 3 arrived and with it more than the expected list of new features: with this new version of the platform one had the feeling of premiering watch . Suddenly, third party applications could be run without desperate delays and the firm had incorporated new improvements that made the Apple Watch much more useful on a daily basis.

And there is still a way to go

Actually, Apple deserves credit for having managed to fine-tune the platform’s performance in such an eye-catching way, although the question could also be posed in this way: Why didn’t it do so from the beginning? It’s clear that the company’s engineers have learned over time and from user feedback, and Apple has enough credit to give its buyers this confidence.

However, one has the feeling that one can still optimize the system further and make the watch even more useful in daily use. WatchOS 3 has some jewels that everyone will have to discover, such as the fact of incorporating the complication Phone that can save you a lot of time: if you want to call a contact or return a missed call, just start on the Watch and then continue on the iPhone saving these steps on the mobile.

However, one has the feeling that one can further optimize the system and make the watch even more useful in daily use

For lovers of unexpected surprises , and as our colleague Eduardo Archanco reminded us, you can try putting the Mickey Mouse sphere and give a touch to the screen… The next question, in view of the great evolution of the platform is if it really pays to make the jump to Series 2 for those who already have the original version of Apple Watch.

Así dará watchOS 3 una nueva vida al Apple Watch

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