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New Apple Watch function with watchOS 7

The new generation of Apple’s operating systems is just around the corner and that’s why the leaks are already starting to take hold. Since 9to5mac they have recently had access to a fragment of the iOS 14 code and this has revealed an interesting feature that the Apple Watch will have and that we all expected. In this article we tell you all the details that have been known about it.

How the new oxygen saturation function

will work

New Apple Watch function with watchOS 7New Apple Watch function with watchOS 7

The Apple Watch is gradually becoming an essential piece of equipment for our health. The ECG and heart rate functions have saved many lives so far, but Apple wants to go further by including new functions related to our vital signs. One of the fundamental measures for finding out our general state of health is oxygen saturation and this would be the function that could come in the Apple Watch to be presented in September or in watchOS 7.

It seems that this function will have a very simple operation as it will be based on a notification that will warn us of the blood oxygen level when it falls below a particular threshold . We must take into account that the normal values are around 95 and 100%, but if it goes below 80%, we would be entering a critical level due to the existence of heart and brain affectation because they do not receive enough oxygen. Whenever there is a critical saturation, a notification will be sent to warn the user so that he can contact the emergency services immediately.

Do you need the additional hardware O2 saturation measurement?

This is the big question all users are asking themselves right now. It is not known if this will be an exclusive feature of the new Apple Watch Series 6 or if it will be available for all models on the market thanks to watchOS 7. At first we must understand that the current hardware of the company’s smart watches can perform the measurement of the oxygen level in blood.

We must bear in mind that this would be a tremendously interesting performance. Right now with a finger pulse oximeter we have a tremendously bulky device that has to be on our finger . With Apple’s new function we could now have it on our own wrist without it taking up much space. Already many companies are looking to include this function in their computers. Apple has the advantage that right now has a very sophisticated method approved by the FDA to do the ECG and can now be used for this oxygenometry function.

What to expect from watchOS 7

In addition to this interesting feature, a deficiency in the ECGs could be fixed in the future update for our Apple Watch . Right now these are rather inconclusive when the heart rate is around 100 and 120 beats per minute. This can be fixed with a major software update.

To this we must add those rumors that were heard last year related to the new sleep control that would be incorporated. We believe that these are functions that should be in a smart watch that seeks to be at the forefront of current technology.

And you, what do you think about this rumor related to the Apple Watch?