New Apple Store opens with futuristic design

One of the most attractive places of Cupertino’s company is undoubtedly the Apple Store . Here customers can get to know and try out the current devices they have on sale. They usually present an avant-garde, clean and attractive design, since these aspects are necessary to transmit comfort and confidence to the customers.

The Californian company is going to open the first Apple Store with futuristic design in the American city of San Francisco , after two years of construction. The main novelties presented by this new store are

  • Trees in the interior: They create a comfortable and natural atmosphere in the store, two very important aspects for Apple.
  • Several floors: The new design allows for better distribution of all products currently on sale.
  • 6K screen: Its purpose is to play different videos, both explanatory and promotional, from Apple.
  • Garden: This green space is located at the back of the store.
  • Interactive panels: Whose objective is to give the room an atmosphere.
New Apple Store opens with futuristic design
New Apple Store opens with futuristic design

Other highlights of the shop are the glass windows and doors, 6.1 metres high and 12.9 metres wide . From the interior you can see beautiful views of the American city, as the shop offers an open and transparent space.

As a new feature, the new Apple Store will be powered by 100 percent renewable energy , due to photovoltaic panels located on the roof.

The shop presents a new area called Forum. In this area there will be talks given by the same people in charge of the shop. In this area you will find the famous 6K screen mentioned above with which you will be able to watch Apple promotional videos.

On the other hand, customers will be able to accommodate themselves in the different seats offered by the shop in order to enjoy the events that take place.

It should be noted that the inauguration will take place on May 21 at ten o’clock in the morning. In this way, Tim Cook’s company celebrates the fifteenth anniversary of the opening of the first Apple store.

Finally, the company has stated that the new futuristic concept of the Apple Store will be implemented in several stores over the next few years.

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