New Apple Patent Shows the Future of Face ID on the Mac

Face ID will undoubtedly end up being implemented on all Apple devices even though many users claim to prefer Touch ID over facial recognition. From Apple they are going to impose the technology they are most interested in as it has always been the case and that is why this year we will see new iPad Pro with Face ID and a different design. This technology will end up being implemented on the Mac as well, according to a patent from Apple itself that has been published today by Patently Apple.

We had already discussed a number of patents filed by Apple where they talked about integrating facial recognition into Macs even before the launch of iPhone X. According to these documents, facial recognition could automatically log in to the Mac even when it’s in sleep mode.

New Apple Patent Shows the Future of Face ID on the Mac
New Apple Patent Shows the Future of Face ID on the Mac

In particular, the Mac camera may be constantly looking for a face, and this is a feature added to Power Nap that allows the Mac to do tasks in the background but without consuming too much power while it’s idle. If your Mac detects a face, it will activate Face ID to identify the user and unlock or not unlock your Mac, even before you turn on your device.

In the patent that has been made public today, there is talk of the possibility of incorporating into the Mac an algorithm that detects faces using a depth map as seen in the image above. With this depth map the camera will be able to identify human shapes in a space where there are several objects, both face and arm or chest.

Currently these patents give us an idea of how Apple would identify human faces, but there is no detail on how it would use this information to unlock the Mac.

In our opinion, Face ID is a technology with a great future in the Apple ecosystem. This year we hope to see it on iPad Pro and in the future it will surely be incorporated into Macs, so we can have better security systems in our team and be much more efficient.

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