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New Apple Headset: possible price

Months ago we were talking about Apple working on a new headset. So far the company has only bet on in-ear headphones but never on headphones that cover the whole ear and can give us better performance. This idea is already gaining strength and it is possible that in this first half of 202 0 we have them available for purchase.

The Generation X AirPods would come at an extremely high price

Target’s inventory system is giving quite a bit of talk in the last few hours. After showing different entries related to new Apple TVs, new straps and even a new iPod Touch, now a section called ‘Apple AirPods (Generation X)’ is shown. This undoubtedly lets us think that we are in front of these new high-end headphones that Apple, although surely the price does not finish convincing most of us. As shown in the Target system, these AirPods would have a price of $399.99 that if we move it to euros, we would be close to 500 euros. This may be to some extent ‘understandable’ because the AirPods Pro are at almost 300 euros so we have to think whether or not these will cost more money.

New Apple Headset: possible priceNew Apple Headset: possible price

In addition, depending on the source that has broadcast the images, there are three SKUs available so it is possible that these headset are available in three different colors. After talking to different Target employees, it has been possible to conclude that this practice is quite normal for new products. In addition, the price is quite precise and rarely varies, but the name on it is not precise at all. This makes us think that we will be looking at an extremely expensive Apple headset but that it will not be called ‘generation X’.

Will these new headphones make sense?

The truth is that Apple must touch all the sticks, and respond to those users who want extreme noise cancellation. This can only be achieved with a headset that allows them to include more technology by having more space. This is not to say that the quality of the AirPods Pro is dire, which it is not, but that for obvious reasons s cannot be compared to other headset on the market.

We will have to be very attentive to the hypothetical event that we will have in March or April to see if this new accessory is presented. It will surely come with the new iPhone 9 as well as the new generation of Apple TV.

And you, what do you think of this hypothetical release?