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New and Improved for Supported Apple Watches

After the publication of the Golden Master last week, we only had to wait a few days for the official launch of watchOS 6. watchOS 6 is now available for download in the Apple Watch Series 3 and Series 4, Series 1 and Series 2 will have to wait until autumn to do so. Please note that to install watchOS 6 you must first update your iPhone to iOS 13, which just came out at the same time.

New App Store for Apple Watch

In the past, to install an app on the Apple Watch we had to go to our iPhone. On it we opened the app Watch and in the “App Store” section we looked for and downloaded the necessary apps. We could also install the apps we already had on the iPhone. This has now changed with watchOS 6.

New and Improved for Supported Apple Watches
New and Improved for Supported Apple Watches

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From now on, we can go to the App Store app in our clock to search, browse and install the apps we want. All this from the wrist and without resorting to the iPhone . Finally, these apps will be independent of those on our mobile. You can use the search engine to scribble or dictate the app you want, as well as browse the categories in the App Store.

Apple claims that there are thousands of apps in it. A quick look reveals that most are focused on sport, meditation and fitness .

New series spheres

watchOS 6 brings us more spheres created by Apple . They are a total of seven spheres, with the following characteristics:

  • Meridian: on a white background we will have four circular complications.
  • California: a more classic sphere with a navy blue background and a complication.
  • Modular compact: it shows a round circular sphere together with a complication and a wide module.
  • Solar sphere: combines different circles to show the solar position.
  • Gradient: shows the time on a gradient colored background.
  • Two-color numbers: shows the hour and minutes with large two-color numbers.
  • Single-colored numbers: a large number shows the time with a single color, accompanied by the three hands.

New apps for Voice Notes, Audiobooks, Calculator, Noise and Cycle Control

watchOS 6 also brings us other news in the form of new apps. Four of them are adapted versions of their iPhone counterparts. Voice notes allows us to make audio recordings from the same watch, while Audiolibros collects this type of books that we have in Apple Books to be able to listen to them without having to carry the iPhone. Calculator finally brings this utility to an Apple Watch.

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Noise is a completely new app. It measures the noise level in your environment, telling you if the decibels are higher than recommended. It is also capable of sending you notifications when 90 decibels are exceeded.

As for Cycle Control, it is an app designed to measure menstrual cycles. In this app, women can write down everything related to the period and fertility to help in their monitoring. You can write down symptoms, record ovulation tests, readings from a basal thermometer and be notified when your fertile period starts.

Other improvements and new features of watchOS 6

watchOS 6 also brings under the arm a series of small but interesting novelties . Let’s see them all:

  • The Taptic Engine can now touch your wrist on the hour. We can also set up a sound to alert us.
  • We will have a Trends section in the iPhone Activity app. It serves to inform us of how our progress is in different activity metrics such as hours standing, kilometers traveled or calories burned.
  • There are several new complications, including the probability of rain, cell signal strength and decibels.
  • Siri can now identify songs and show you their lyrics from your wrist, as well as display web page results.
  • Animoji and Memoji stickers are added to the iMessage app.
  • Developers can integrate audio streaming for music apps, podcasts and radio. This means that apps such as Spotify will be able to incorporate this feature into their own app.

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