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New and amazing concept of iPhone Edition, this time in video

Concepts, concepts everywhere. The next generation iPhone is creating a creative wave that we haven’t seen in a long time. And that’s being noticed by the abundance of rumor-inspired designs. Today we couldn’t miss a new concept of iPhone Edition in video (also called iPhone 8, according to taste), quite worked. Let’s not waste time and see it immediately. Inside video.

iPhone 8, video concept

In the last few months, there are four rumors that stand out from the rest. The first of these, an edge-to-edge screen with barely any frames. We’ve already seen how other manufacturers like Xiaomi, LG or Samsung were releasing real, off-the-shelf phones, p or what’s a possibility there .

New and amazing concept of iPhone Edition, this time in videoNew and amazing concept of iPhone Edition, this time in video

The big question is what will happen with Touch ID, since a screen with narrow frames has no room for the sensor in the shape of a button. A very desirable option that is shuffled is its integration under the screen , while the worst alternative would be its inclusion behind the device.

If the frameless design is confirmed, the big worry for Apple fans is what will happen to Touch ID

Of course, the next generation will also include an external redesign reminiscent of the original iPhone, launched ten years earlier. The materials being considered are glass, aluminum, and steel. And finally, the position of the dual camera: vertical or horizontal. A minor detail but visible from the outside.

This iPhone 8 video concept has all these ingredients inside . A screen up to the edge, integrated Touch ID underneath the screen, new design and materials as well as a horizontal lens distribution. Other details that come out of the video:

  • Stereo speakers and microphones located at the top and bottom edge of the terminal.
  • FaceTime camera integrated into the screen, visible between two app icons. I can’t quite put my finger on it because the notification symbol would clash with this camera.
  • Touch ID seems to be integrated under the bottom of the screen. Okay.
  • The original iPhone wallpaper appears: the two orange fish swimming in green coral. A nice touch.
  • Looking at the video carefully, we see a handful of typos: Wallet’s icon is the old one from Passbook, “Game Cneter” and the lowercase “t” from the YouTube and FaceTime app, plus the Newsstand app that we already know mutated into Apple News. iTunes Radio is now Beats One.

Overall, it is the most complete iPhone 8 concept and it has all the components we would like to see . The wireless charging is missing, and it is rumored to have its place as well.

Alan Watts’ speech on change

Another singular touch in this concept is the speech that is heard in the background. This is one by Alan Watts, a British philosopher, in which he talks about change and acceptance . In the video speech he says the following:


En Apple
A speech that could very well have been given by Steve Jobs during the opening of the Stanford course. In my opinion, it fits pretty well with what’s shown on the video. A concept that for the first time radically changes the one element that has remained constant in every generation of the iPhone: the front end.

What did you think of this concept of iPhone Edition?