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new ambient light sensors are rumored for future generations

More details keep coming in than we might find in future generations of AirPods. DigiTimes reports that sometime in the next few years we will see ambient light sensors in the headphones , according to Asian industry sources. ASE Technology, a supplier from Taiwan, could be in charge of producing this component.

MacRumors has been the first to reflect the news, although so far no one has been able to find out what concrete use will be given to these sensors placed in the AirPods. It is possible that they will replace the current optical sensors that allow the headphones to pause or resume playback when taken out of the ear, although there are more possible applications that make us think.

new ambient light sensors are rumored for future generations
new ambient light sensors are rumored for future generations

The source also reminds us that there are sensors that use light to detect our blood oxygen level , something that thanks to these ambient light sensors could be applied to the AirPods. A new generation of these headphones could be integrated with the Health application and record these levels using the blood that runs through our ears.

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Precisely, blood oxygen is a value that takes time among the rumors of health functions that we could have in future Apple Watch (there are already light sensors that quantify our heart rate among other things). However, it is possible that from Apple they have found a way to provide more reliable data in our ear instead of in our wrist.

As always, it’s all about waiting and seeing if the 2021 or 2022 AirPods really do become health accessories as well.