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New ad about Siri starring Martin Scorsese

Follow Cupertino’s advertising campaign with the Hollywood stars. This time it was the award-winning film director Martin Scorsese, who uses the Siri personal assistant in a taxi in the Big Apple. These advertisements put a lot of emphasis on Siri’s ease of use, always using natural language, such as person to person.

This morning Apple published another announcement about Siri, the personal assistant for the iPhone 4S. This time the protagonist is Martin Scorsese , the famous film director. The ad is located in a taxi and puts in relief the calendar and traffic functions. We have already seen other personalities such as Samuel L. Jackson in other ads.

New ad about Siri starring Martin ScorseseNew ad about Siri starring Martin Scorsese

Specifically Scorsese asks about the day, referring to his agenda. With a couple of simple sentences changes two appointments of day and time. He also asks for a friend, and uses the Find my friends application to locate him and show his location on the screen. Finally, he asks about the traffic in the centre, always in natural language.

This is already the fourth commercial about Siri starring a celebrity. The iPhone is still the most profitable product it currently brings to Apple’s coffers. And Siri is sure to continue to have a strong presence on the new iPhone, which will presumably be introduced this fall, along with iOS 6.

Bonus track : If you look closely you are sure to see something strange. Take a good look at the taxi’s license plate. It is the same taxi number that Robert De Niro’s character in the film Taxi Driver , from the same Martin Scorsese. A curious detail in the form of an Easter egg. As always, Apple is attentive to the smallest details.

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