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New 13″ MacBook may be introduced in June

For several weeks now, rumors have been flying around the table about a possible new MacBook from 13″ , which would end up leaving MacBook Air aside, with this new Apple laptop at a reduced price and more accessible to all users who want to get started in the Apple computer ecosystem. The latest rumors suggest that it would be introduced in June.

This MacBook would have very interesting specifications with a lower price than the MacBook from 12″ that we currently have in the Apple Store. The price could be around $999, the same as the current Air model, although the specifications will be much better.

New 13″ MacBook may be introduced in June
New 13″ MacBook may be introduced in June

Digitimes is the medium that is spreading this information, claiming that Apple would have turned to a Chinese manufacturer to provide the screens of this new model in order to lower costs, but the poor quality of these would have forced Cupertino’s company to turn to LG to provide the screens, which would be appreciated.

This launch could take place at the WWDC in 2018, which although there is no confirmed date at the moment , everything indicates that it could take place at the beginning of June. This could be a good fit because even though it is a developer’s conference, we already saw how Apple introduced quite a lot of hardware to the conference last year.

In addition to all this, Digitimes continues to claim that a new iPad model will arrive in the second quarter of 2018, probably the ones we saw registered a few weeks ago in Eurasia. It is likely that in this conference of developers we will see quite interesting hardware and above all very focused on being accessible to a wide range of users for having an “affordable” price , although without losing the essence of Apple in that aspect.

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