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Netflix won’t give you a free year for sharing this message

Did you get a message on WhatsApp that you are getting Netflix in exchange for sharing a message? This is another hoax, don’t fall for it . We’ll tell you all the details, keep reading.

Message chains are always looking for new victims

There are many types of messages on the Internet, from silly scams to big scams, to some that include links to malware. In this case, is circulating on WhatsApp a message suggesting that you can get one year of free Netflix just by sharing the message with ten other people . Now think, has Netflix ever communicated via this system?

Netflix does not communicate via WhatsApp with its users

Netflix won’t give you a free year for sharing this message
Netflix won’t give you a free year for sharing this message

Not only can we not trust a chain message, whatever it promotes, nor can we trust when a company has never done anything in that way before. Netflix communicates with its users via social networks, announcing new titles or promoting some that are already available . They can send you an email , if you have indicated it in your account, to announce a new title that might interest you. Finally, you can communicate directly with them using the methods they advertise on their Help page : chat or call.

Netflix Help Center

This new chain reaction has taken on such magnitude that the company’s Community Manager has been forced to respond to this when a user has let him know via the Twitter social network. In this response they have highlighted the fact that this streaming service would never communicate using that route, i.e. it does not use WhatsApp to communicate with its users.

Netflix response regarding the message string on WhatsApp

The National Police has also joined this alert

From its twitter account, the National Police has wanted to warn about the fraud of this message and others like it. Don’t bite as can obtain your personal and bank details or introduce malware on your computer.

What do I do if I get one of these messages?

IGNORALO . Netflix only offers a free month to its users upon subscription . In certain cases, and always via email, they can offer you a free month for the service again but always bearing in mind that we’ve already been subscribers and have had a cancelled account for some time. Netflix does not currently have any active promotions offering you one year of free service.

It’s important that we don’t trust this type of message as a rule, as well as being able to check which URL provides the message and make sure that our suspicions were correct. Finally, if you still have any doubts, don’t be afraid to contact the service in question directly and always have your account protected with a good password.

Netflix on an iPhone

If you are already a Netflix user, did you know that you can skip the series intro? Have you received one of these “promotional” messages about Netflix? Tell us about your experience and how you acted when you received it.

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