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Netflix will incorporate the interactive stories in iOS

Apple incorporará nuevas funciones en su app de Salud

Recalquemos que todavía no sabemos cuales son las intenciones de aquí a un futuro. Tal vez en un tiempo esta nueva funcionalidad sea utilizada en otro tipo de contenido hacia un espectador más adulto o por lo contrario solamente vaya destinado a los peques de la casa.

Netflix will incorporate the interactive stories in iOS
Netflix will incorporate the interactive stories in iOS

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There is no doubt that today Netflix is the audiovisual platform with the most impact in the market . Despite being a growing sector, as many companies have decided to launch their own services, as is the case with Apple, none has achieved the attraction that Netflix currently has.

A clear example is the service of Amazon Video . It was a great bet from the leading internet sales company, although unfortunately it has not yet managed to catch up with Netflix, nor has HBO.

Netflix has a very good appeal and it is thanks to its original series . Its own audiovisual content is one of the most important features of the application, since it is the essential ingredient that manages to capture the attention of the viewers.

It should be noted that Netflix is aware of the great importance that iOS has in the market. That is why it has included great options in its version for Cupertino systems, such as the 3D Touch and the Picture-in-Picture. In addition, one of the latest additions is the voting system , which is very useful to know the general evaluation of the viewer.

As a great novelty, everything points to the fact that Netflix would incorporate a new system of interactive stories . The main objective of this new implementation would be that the user himself could control aspects of the story, as if it were a game.

For now, Netflix’s intentions are very clear, as these new interactive stories would be aimed at the youngest . Aspects like these are what make Netflix stand out from the competition, and it is not for nothing, since the company has not stopped launching improvements in its application.

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