negative aspects, low capacity and high cost

In this special on MobileMe we’ve taken the colours out and everything said so far has been pretty nice to hear, but it’s time for the truth, it’s time to talk about the negative points of a service that leaves no one indifferent, either you love it or you hate it as the comments in the previous entry have shown.

“Only for Mac”

We often complain that manufacturers don’t consider Mac OS X as an option. Curiously Apple should be the first one to give a good example but the truth is that in this case is the opposite.

negative aspects, low capacity and high cost
negative aspects, low capacity and high cost

MobileMe is quite discriminating against non-Mac users, in fact it’s not a good option if you’re a Windows user since it doesn’t provide anything except a web interface for viewing mail, contacts, calendar, and little else. Absolutely all the integration that you show off in Mac OS X is lost when using Windows since its integration with the system is light years away from that of Leopard.

Although Windows has a “panel” similar to the system preferences of Mac OS X, the integration with the system only reaches this point since we won’t be able to access the services in the same way we can do in Leopard.


This is the usual thing, some people will see that it is a reasonable price, others that it is a little expensive and others that think that “why pay for something that also exists for free”. Well, that last point is just the biggest lie about MobileMe and Mac that’s ever been told.

MobileMe is not just a mail service like Gmail, it’s much more . It’s an image service, a server, a backup of our preferences, it can even be our hosting for a blog.

It is true that for a slightly lower price it would be a much more attractive product, but if we add up what it costs us to maintain a hosting, Flickr Pro account, Push email account etc, etc, we will see how the sum is similar to the final price of the product .

In summary, although today there is no service with which to really compare whether it is expensive or cheap, the truth is that in general terms it is expensive and if all its features are not used 100%, even more so.


Very similar to the previous case, some people will see it well, others… In general lines again is not a bad capacity but with a higher capacity it would be again a much more attractive product . Overall for all the options it offers it is a very poor amount since if we want to take advantage of each and every option available in a short time we will be short of space.

For example, Flickr offers unlimited space for photo storage. It’s not an identical product, but at least it’s comparable to the MobileMe “Web Galleries”. As far as hosting is concerned, it depends on what we pay, but nowadays 10Gb is almost the minimum in almost all services.

Let’s say that 20Gb capacity wouldn’t be bad if MobileMe had fewer options, but certainly for the amount of things we can do with it it falls short, very short indeed.

I think I have been as impartial as possible. We have seen several advantages, other disadvantages. It’s time for you to value all of the above and decide for yourself which of the two scales weighs more.

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