Nearly 70 Million iPads Sold This Year


The iPad’s market share has dropped significantly in the last year, due to the entry of new players such as Amazon’s Kindle Fire . However, sales of Apple’s tablet continue to enjoy great health , and it is expected to remain so in the coming months.

Nearly 70 Million iPads Sold This Year
Nearly 70 Million iPads Sold This Year

Analysts predict sales of 69 million units of the entire iPad family for this year 2012. Not only that, but Apple’s tablet is taking away from the laptop and desktop computer, something that no device has ever done before.

Rob Cihra, analyst at Evercore Partners has told investors that year-on-year computer sales will fall 4% in the third quarter of this year . The reason is none other than the success of the iPad, which is stealing from several million users who are looking for something different.

To realize this you only have to look at the green lines in the attached graph . The dark green shows the year-on-year growth in computer sales, while the light green shows the estimated growth if there were no tablets. The difference is clear and is accentuated year on year since 2010.

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