Native Instruments presenta Kontrol Z1 para iPhone y iPad

Traktor Kontrol Z1

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Native Instruments presenta Kontrol Z1 para iPhone y iPad
Native Instruments presenta Kontrol Z1 para iPhone y iPad

Traktor DJ for iPad and iPhone now has a new partner as controller. It’s Kontrol Z1 from Native Instruments itself. A two-channel mixer with a built-in audio interface that’s also compatible with PC and Mac, making the iOS app much more professional and giving it even more quality.

Native Instruments today launched its new hardware compatible with iPhone and iPad. Recently, we talked about Traktor DJ for iOS, the professional digital DJ jump from your computer directly to the screen of your iDevices . Now with Kontrol Z1 we add physical controls to the application.

What is it, that the touch controls are not good enough? As explained by Native Instruments themselves at the time of the live show the iPad can fall short and sound bad, that’s why the Kontrol Z1 has a built-in sound card and the physical controls will help us to have a clear screen to focus on what really matters: the track and the waveform .

The Kontrol Z1 is simply a two channel mixer with a three band EQ and dedicated control for filter and effects. It allows you to select which channel you want the cue on and adjust the mix level and volume of the monitors for pre-listening. Finally in the lower part of the controller we also find the typical volume faders and the crossfader .

It has RCA output to connect it directly to the club’s equipment and needs to be connected to an external power supply, i.e. it is not powered by the USB itself. Moreover, it will charge our device to forget about the battery. It obviously has an output for connecting headphones. And if we have a Kontrol X1 or F1 we will see that it keeps the same shape and measurements.

It costs 199 euros and will be available next month, but for this price it is not only compatible with iOS but also with Traktor Pro 2 for PC and Mac. By the way, the connector is the 30-pin one – which will also charge the battery – so if we want to connect it to one of the new iPad or iPhone 5 we will need the Apple adapter to Lightning. Undoubtedly a versatile, portable and manageable product in any situation.

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