Narr8 interactive content platform comes to iPhone

Narr8 didn’t start off badly with its animated content platform for the iPad, and after adopting a freemium model now the company has decided to move into the smaller screens of the iPhone .

Of course, by working through a user account, everything we buy from the iPad version will be automatically available on the iPhone. The application is free , but remember that the content has to be bought with points that can be accumulated every time we open the application or acquired through in-app purchases. This is an interesting strategy: either be patient and open the application daily ensuring regular use by all clients so that you can download the episodes, or if you can’t wait you can spend money. The impatience of the users turned into business.

Narr8 interactive content platform comes to iPhone
Narr8 interactive content platform comes to iPhone

The format of comics, books and other interactive content still looks the same; although has not been optimized very well for the iPhone screen. The images retain the 4:3 aspect ratio of the iPad and therefore do not make good use of the phone’s widescreen; and the text has not been resized (at least properly) so that it looks too small. Let’s hope that from now on, knowing that they have to be ready for tablets and smartphones, this aspect ratio will improve.

The iPhone version of Narr8 can now be downloaded through the App Store, with the universal version of the application. By the way, the platform also has an additional application for the Apple phone called Narr8 Cards , from which you can generate and send themed postcards with the characters of the series offered by the platform.

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