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Nanuleu, strategy and minimalism in the same game: App of the Week

strategy games have always been one of the most attractive genres for players, both on computers and on consoles and smartphones. The problem is that it is very difficult to simplify a strategy game to suit small and touch screens. Some succeed, such as Nanuleu.

In an almost magical atmosphere and with some minimal graphic details, Nanuleu transports us to a territory where we will have to defend some ancestral trees from the evil beings that approach. By planting more trees and creatures we will manage to finish off the enemy.

How quickly will you conquer the territory and wipe out the enemy?

Nanuleu, strategy and minimalism in the same game: App of the Week
Nanuleu, strategy and minimalism in the same game: App of the Week

The essence of the game is very simple, but that does not make the game easy to play. Our goal is to get the necessary resources from the land and from that to conquer the land that surrounds us. Always taking into account the threat of enemies that will come slowly to finish off our trees.

Once we have conquered the terrain we must create a kind of small soldiers that will help us finish off the enemy’s bases and therefore win the game. Depending on the difficulty level you select at the start of the game, this will be a challenge.

There are six different trees we can plant:

  • Roots: These are points of connection between the different trees, they will help us to expand.
  • Water tree: It is in charge of generating water so that we can continue building. It is planted in the points where there is a water spring.
  • Protective Tree: It is in charge of killing the enemy if he approaches. To do so, it shoots small balls that drain the life from them.
  • Mineral tree: Obtains the resources of the land so that more trees can be planted. It can be planted only in the mines.
  • Tree of Life: When we start the game we will have a goal to achieve, and this is the amount of trees of life that should be planted. Like the previous ones, we will only plant them in the points where it is allowed.

Every tree you plant has a function in the game

  • Attack Tree: It is in charge of generating small soldiers that will go to attack the enemy. We can only plant them once we have planted all the trees of life.

Knowing the secrets of Nanuleu: interviewing the developers

To better understand how Nanuleu works and to know how the game has been created, we have talked to the creators of all this , the Selva Interactive studio from Guatemala.

What is Selva Interactive and what is your purpose?

Selva Interactive is a small video game development studio based in Guatemala City, Guatemala. It currently consists of two people, Carlos Villagran and Alhvi Balcarcel. Our purpose is to create video games by working and experimenting with different rules and elements, with the idea of creating different and interesting game experiences.

Is it difficult to develop a video game for iOS, because it certainly seems to be more laborious than an app

It is difficult, because it is something that takes quite a lot of work, since apart from the programming you must take into account the graphics, animations, sounds, music and most importantly, create rules of the game that are entertaining. There are also many apps that are difficult to develop, actually it depends a lot on the functionalities they have. The good thing is that the app and game development tools have been improving over time , so it’s now much more accessible to learn how to use them.

Do you plan to add more extras, levels or functionalities to Nanuleu in the next months?

Yes, we want to add a new mode with one or two new levels . We hope to have this ready by the end of August or the beginning of September.

What has been the most difficult or curious thing to develop in Nanuleu?

The two team members are programmers and we decided to make the game ourselves. I did the graphics and was never satisfied with what I was able to do, so in the end we decided to use geometric figures for the design and we liked the result . Carlos dedicated a lot of time to improving the algorithms and logic of the game and it took him quite some time. Something that has also been difficult is testing the difficulty of the levels, since we find the game very easy after trying it so many times, but some players have told us that they find it very difficult.

A game that not only entertains, but relaxes

After playing Nanuleu for a couple of days, I realized that it is a game ideal for taking a little break during the day . With games of about 20 minutes of average we can have a small rest in which to forget the routine and to try only to protect our precious trees.

An ideal set for taking short breaks throughout the day

The simple geometrical graph of the game and the soundtrack are two other important points to consider. Perhaps best of all, manages to keep you from getting stressed out even though dozens of enemies are coming to attack you . Maybe it’s that slow pace at which the whole game moves.

All in all, a game worth trying whether you like strategy games or not. You can download it from the App Store for 2.99 euros.

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