MyTunes, Improving Audio Playback in iOS: In Depth

You will probably agree with me that one of the most disappointing “improvements” in iOS 5 is the new included music player. Personally I think it’s a leap backwards, both in terms of the graphics and the few features included. If we decide to improve the visual aspect, my first choice would be Planetary. Few players are going to have the graphic presence of this application and also be free. If what we want is a player with more options in terms of audio reproduction, MyTunes, an iOS player from SRS Labs, has just been updated . Remember that we at Apple have been talking about SRS iWow, the SRS Labs application for Mac, for quite some time now, and it left us with a good taste in our mouths.

MyTunes has a few improvements when it comes to playing our music, but the star functionality would be to be able to increase some parameters such as the spatiality of the music using SRS. The effect achieved depends on each song, but the good thing is that this effect can be regulated to the desired level, as well as the pre-selection of different environments for different types of music. After the jump we will see more captures of the application and a summary of everything it offers. The review has been done with the free version of the application, making the captures on an iPad at 1x and then cropping the images.

MyTunes, Improving Audio Playback in iOS: In Depth
MyTunes, Improving Audio Playback in iOS: In Depth

As I was saying, above these lines you can see the settings of WOW HD, which is how the SRS technology improvements are called . We can raise or lower these effects simply with a single potentiometer, or regulate in advanced mode the vocal frequencies, bass, definition and spatiality. We have several predefined settings to not complicate our existence, such as headphones (normal size, in ear or large size), improvements for playback in the car, different sizes of speakers (small, medium or large) or with the internal speaker for those devices that have one.

In addition to the SRS functionality, we have a online equalizer to compensate for the frequency response of our headphones, for example. We can either equalize three or ten bands separately, or we can choose one of the 11 presets defined in the application. This is much better than the iTunes equalization functionality by music type which we can adjust in the iOS Preferences. Both SRS and EQ can be turned on at the same time.

The application also allows the normalization of the reproduction of our songs, avoiding volume scares or songs that sound too low. It also incorporates a menu in driving mode, which brings together the most important functions on a single screen. And if we go to the settings, we can set a maximum playback volume, such as accessing shuffle transitions or selecting a transition between songs. Finally we can have songs with no space between them and with crossed volumes thanks to the Crossover function in iOS. We can also force the transition at any time with the next song, and choose it from these options: Standard, Repeat, Repeat 2, Spinback, Crossover, Filter, Filter High, Brake Fd, Brake St, or Random. To activate some of them we must become friends with the application on Facebook.


The great thing about MyTunes is that it can be tested for free , including the WOWHD enhancements, equalization, volume normalization of songs, and driving mode for a limited time each day. The player is perfectly functional once the daily test time is exceeded except for the functions mentioned above. The price of the application is 3.99 euros, and it is compatible with all iOS devices (Not recommended for iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 1st or 2nd generation according to the product page, I guess because of the high CPU consumption of these applications). If I haven’t bought it yet it’s because the version I’ve tested is not native for the iPad. As soon as it comes out I will buy it without any doubt. Recommended.

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