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Mythic Quest launch and other news of the week

We are about to close one of the weeks with less news on the Apple TV+ front . Despite this, we do have some new features that should not be left out. These are all the highlights of the week.

Although the news has lowered the level during this week, Apple TV+ did have room for a new release. It’s Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet, a comedy about the development of a video game and the conflicts that arise within the company.

Mythic Quest launch and other news of the week
Mythic Quest launch and other news of the week

Apple has shared a “first look” at the series on its YouTube channel. Mythic Quest can now be seen on the Apple TV app , where subscribers have the full 9-chapter season.

As for more productions and rumours, there are also some new developments. Among them, Apple’s agreement with Carmi Zlotnik for the production of content. Zlotnik left Starz a few months ago and is known to be behind American Gods, Outlander and Black Sails. Another news, this time unconfirmed, indicates that Apple is about to close a deal with Cecily Strong. The well-known comedian of the Saturday Night Live show would participate in a comedy-musical series with no release date.

And on another note, Apple has had to replace the main character in its basketball series “Swagger! Apparently, Duke Winston was seriously injured on the set and O’Shea Jackson Jr has come in to replace him completely. Swagger! started shooting in October last year and it is unknown whether the replacement will affect its release date, which had not yet been announced.

On AppleAll TVs that are already compatible with the Apple TV app at the beginning of 2020

Finally, a little reminder about devices that allow you to watch Apple TV+. This week we have learned more compatible models from the manufacturer LG , which has just confirmed that Dolby Atmos will arrive on their compatible 2020 TVs.

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