My review of MacBook 2016 and MacOS Sierra after several months of use

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Alexandra Merino

My review of MacBook 2016 and MacOS Sierra after several months of use
My review of MacBook 2016 and MacOS Sierra after several months of use

Posted on February 12, 2017 – 11:28 PM

Not everything in the Apple universe is light and color, there are also bad things. In this case I’m going to tell you my personal experience about MacBook 2016 and MacOS Sierra.

Switching from MacBook

I bought my MacBook last September because my needs for laptops changed. It came from a pretty powerful MacBook Pro as I was editing my videos from there, but when I bought an iMac I was using it less and less.

I started to require much less heavy and powerful equipment, since to write in WordPress and little else, I didn’t need a computer cucumber.

When I bought this new MacBook I was quite satisfied because the design is simply beautiful , the most beautiful I would be inclined to say, saving that first MacBook in white.

The performance was more than enough for me, his weight, perfect. Even dropping more than an inch on screen didn’t matter to me because it was worth the change. But it wasn’t long before the first but.

Oh no! I’m missing USB ports!

MacBook USB C

It may seem strange to think this when you buy a MacBook 2016, since you know what you’re buying, but you don’t really realize it until you require its utility.

That’s why my first review to Apple is precisely that: add only one port – and on top of type C – to this laptop . I know what many of you will think, “well I didn’t buy it from you. You knew what was on it” . And I don’t take away your reason, but we can’t justify Apple that way either.

It’s okay that this laptop is extremely thin, but couldn’t they have added at least two ports in total? I’m not talking about a card reader or an Ethernet connector or anything like that anymore. But a second USB wouldn’t have been out of place.

And here comes my second review : it’s already cheap, and we have to look for adapters to cover our most basic needs.

There are many possibilities in the market, I don’t doubt it, and in fact in this article we show you one, but I don’t understand how such an expensive device comes lacking of quite essential things.

And we move on to the macOS Sierra operating system

Siri in macOS Sierra, useful or not?

Despite this lack of connectivity, I was still delighted with my new laptop, waiting for Sierra to finally arrive, an OS that promised a lot.

I bought the computer almost a week before Sierra was launched, so I had the system, you could say, clean. And, at first, I installed the new system on El Capitan. The craving got the better of me, although I later did a clean installation from scratch, I might add.

The novelty that, I think, most caught our attention and we wanted to try, was that integration of Siri into the system . It caused me a lot of hype when they announced it, but when it comes down to it… I’ll tell you that I never use it .

My reason is very simple. I have been in macOS for more than six years and one is already looking for and used to keyboard shortcuts to be more effective.

Having to activate Siri and tell her that I want her to open Keynote is a waste of my time , because using the fast Spotlight function takes me much less than half as long.

Besides, I made the mistake of doing it in a more comfortable way for me and it ended up being a disaster that made me end up hating Siri for being a pain in the ass. I activated a voice command that every time I uttered it, she came to my aid.

This meant that every time someone spoke near the laptop while I was using it I ended up with “I didn’t understand you” , apart from the activation sound, and ended up removing everything, including Siri .

But it’s not all bad… in quotes

Unlocking your MacBook with the Apple Watch

Another option that I loved since I met her was the fact that I could unlock my MacBook from my Apple Watch . I loved that idea… until it started to fail.

At first, when you start it you have to enter your password, but then, if you close it and open it again, it unlocks itself… or so it should, since fails me quite a lot.

At first I blamed it on having installed a new operating system on top of the old one, but even installing it from scratch, it still happens to me, less often, but it does exist.

What about the possibility of having all your documents on your desktop in iCloud? Pretty cool, huh? Until you see that with 5GB you don’t get anything and you end up hiring the iCloud storage plan to make that dream come true. Luckily it’s not expensive, since it’s 12 euros a year if you hire 50GB, more than enough for me.

I’m still delighted with my MacBook, and the fluidity of the Sierra MacOS is great, but I think Apple should be more user-friendly. Little by little we’re getting things done, but we still have some work to do.

Have you had any bad experiences, like me? I would particularly like you to give your opinion on this, especially if you have also had any problems with these two products.

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