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my personal wallpapers

Every Monday we come with a good collection of our weekly wallpapers, however, to be honest, these rarely end up on my iPhone, as I have a few “favourite” wallpapers that I change from time to time. Today, to make something more personal this kind of articles, I bring you my wallpapers , which I use in my daily life.

First of all, I use an iPhone in black, so a black or dark wallpaper doesn’t even need to be painted. That’s why most of my backgrounds aren’t exactly light or colorful. However, you will surely like them, so here we go with this week’s wallpapers .

my personal wallpapers
my personal wallpapers

My bottom 1 My bottom 2 My bottom 3 My bottom 4 My bottom 5

Download them here:

If you are not one of my people and you prefer a different type of wallpaper, you can go for another type of wallpapers , like the Super Mario Run wallpapers or the best textured wallpapers for your iPhone, so you will surely find one that fits your taste.

Anyway, if you haven’t found your wallpaper, we’ll be back next Monday with more and better wallpapers, so keep an eye out for to have your iPhone well customized and to to keep up with the latest news from the Apple world.

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