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My journey through the desert is over, I have the iPhone 4S in my hands

This article is a clear attempt to attack you, O Android user! I just want to position myself from my “fanboyism” for the brand of the apple and launch a clear attack on Google trying to demonstrate, without any criteria that I am right and you are not… (irony) Nothing could be further from the truth, I just want to give my opinion about Android after trying it for several months , and I will not deny that I started the journey excited and I have returned to iOS disappointed.

For tastes there are the colors say … but I like to try everything, and after almost three years with iPhone I decided to change completely and try new airs, new systems. I started acquiring a second line with BlackBerry and the truth is that I love it, if you have a job in which you need to be constantly aware of your email, the Blackberry is undoubtedly the best option .

My journey through the desert is over, I have the iPhone 4S in my handsMy journey through the desert is over, I have the iPhone 4S in my hands

And after finishing my stay with Movistar for the acquisition of an iPhone 3GS, I decided to change company and take advantage of the most succulent terminal with Android that they could offer me at zero cost, it was a HTC Desire HD. And so I began my journey with the new OS for mobile devices, hoping to see all the benefits that always point to their users, more acérimos (that there are, as in iOS).

Things I expected from Android and never found

When I decided to try Android, I did it with several firm convictions , that I was going to have a terminal with a bigger and better screen. That I would have a terminal whose operating system would manage Gmail accounts much more efficiently. That I would be facing an OS without the limitations and the “Scrategoris is mine and octopus is a pet” attitude so common in Apple.

I was thinking about the notification center, which Apple has copied (yes, it has, without half measures… but we already know that of “Let him throw the first stone that…”) Everything was going to be advantages and it was… But there are times when you listen to Android users and it seems that everything is going to be good and no, it is not…

Android has a basic problem, which is partly camouflaged as a clear advantage, but which is definitely a problem. Google creates an operating system and then licenses it to third parties . You have several manufacturers creating terminals for this operating system and you, as a user, can choose the one that best suits your needs or your pocket.

This results in a major problem, you receive updates when your terminal manufacturer decides to provide them . If iOS has a problem, whatever it is, on your OS, it pulls out an update and all users can automatically download and install it without any problems. When the problem is in Android, you must wait for the manufacturer to compile the specific update for your terminal and release it… You are in the hands, not of the OS developer, but of the manufacturer of your terminal.

The extreme configurability of Android causes users less “Geeks” to fall into a series of errors that worsen their overall experience with the system . Here we return to Apple’s outbursts of tyranny, but there are times when you have to “channel the user’s way”.

I don’t think it’s right that if I write an email on an Android terminal with low battery and I give it to send, the system for not compromising the low battery, will automatically save it as a draft forcing you to sync the account so that the email is sent. Yes, it can be configured, you can set it to limit the percentage of battery that makes this “mode” enter but if I hit the send button, is because I want that mail is sent.

A larger screen, or more resolution is not a better screen. For likes are the colors… we will be able to discuss about the retina display, about the Samsung amoled screens… What I need in a multi-touch mobile terminal is that its screen responds in the end. This is not due to a higher or lower quality, this is due to a higher or lower efficiency of your operating system .

The screen response of an iPhone gives several reviews to any Android screen and this is due solely and exclusively to the OS, not to the quality of the screens. If you’re used to writing on an Android terminal, whether it’s emails, SMS or Tweets, I would ask that if you had the opportunity you try being alone ONE day with an iPhone. Maybe that’s the reason for my fanboyism, but I write faster and with fewer errors than with my previous Android device.

And another point is how to manage Android contacts with their “coincidences”. I personally was horrified and brought more than one headache.

The iPhone is not perfect, yes, it is clear… But it has everything I need

I never thought I would miss iOS so much . I said to myself “Come on, don’t be a square, try things out, you’ve always said that without trying something you can’t know if you like it or not”. And when ceasing what is of cease, for the advanced user, for the inveterate geek, the configurability of Android can be a clear incentive.

Research in the community, to install specific system variations for your terminal. Rooteandoolo, installing the system compiled by this or that programmer, sounds interesting, doesn’t it? What I want is that my terminal works, and that it does it well . And in my modest opinion, today (I don’t know in the near future) iOS is much more stable and robust.

That from day one, taking the terminal out of its box, Google Maps hangs up to the point that it is necessary to reset the system, that updates do not solve it, is to cry out to the sky, more if possible being an application developed by Google. I have come to hear that is due to a problem with the board of the terminal, that maybe it is … But the technical service of HTC, telling you that you have to send your terminal, fresh from cash, to their offices and that this can be four to eight weeks in the technical service … is to discourage anyone, but this is another issue, nothing has to do with Google and Android.

In these last months, waiting for the release of the new iPhone, I have found that I did not like using my terminal, that I preferred to use my iPad to launch a Tweet in the middle of the street than to take my Android phone out of my pocket. But at last I have the 4S in my pocket and I’m back to being a kid with new shoes.

Conclusions? Is iOS better, is Android better? My opinion is totally subjective, and I’m afraid that in something like this it is practically impossible to form an objective opinion . In the end everything (or almost everything) is about feelings. Use what makes you happiest, what makes you feel most comfortable, and what you like. Everything else is meaningless warfare.