My experience with the Apple Pencil on the new iPad Pro 10.5

In 2015, Apple launched its most valuable product for the iPad, the Apple Pencil. Cupertino’s company was turning handwriting on the iPad upside down. A much more accurate form of handwriting than we knew at the time.

Unique precision, greater sensitivity and doing the real job of a “pencil”. An Apple Pencil designed to perform any function we need, from taking simple notes to making designs that have nothing to envy to those we see of true professionals.

My experience with the Apple Pencil on the new iPad Pro 10.5
My experience with the Apple Pencil on the new iPad Pro 10.5

This Apple product is only available for the iPad Pro models, with a price of £109 at the official Apple store. It has its own battery which can be charged directly by connecting the Pencil to the iPad or with a lightning adapter included. The best thing about its charge is connecting it for 15 seconds, yes, seconds, you can have an autonomy of up to 30 minutes, something really incredible.

And going on to the user experience, to put us in situation, say that this experience has been carried out in an iPad Pro of 10’5″ with the following apps: Notes, Notability, iDraw and Graphic.

Apple Pencil Experience

To keep an order we will start with your iPad connection. If there is something simple, fast and easy at Apple is to connect an Apple Pencil to the iPad. As simple as taking the product out of its box, removing the cover and plugging it into the iPad. After a couple of seconds a message appears on the iPad to allow the connection and completed. That’s it. That’s all there is to it. With this simple gesture we will have our Pencil connected to the iPad automatically every time we want to use it.

9.7″ iPad Pro with Apple Pencil

Secondly, I’ve been trying it as a pointer, instead of using my finger for the screen, I wanted to try it as a substitute for this one and the truth is that it’s very comfortable and fast. It’s true that you get a little worried about how it touches the screen, at least in my case. It’s not going to break it but it’s not as smooth as your finger. There are certain gestures that you can’t do with the Pencil, such as making the control center appear, the split screen, or any gesture you have to make from the iPad boder inwards. Obviously the Pencil is not intended for this, but it is always good to know how far it allows us to use it.

Thirdly, notes and study. Using the iPad as a notebook to write down your notes is wonderful. The ease of writing has nothing to do with the other stylus that sells for it. In fact, I came from a good iPad stylus and using the Apple stylus is like coming from the worst pen on the market.

Besides writing, if you are studying or simply want to underline text documents to highlight text is great, thanks to its accuracy everything is easier. You have no excuse for not studying with these two products.

Finally, drawing and design. As I said before, I’ve used these days the drawing app iDraw (from Adobe) to test how to draw with it. Starting from the fact that I can’t draw, what I’ve been able to observe is incredible. Not only the precision makes it incredible but also, depending on the position you place it and the pressure you put on it, it will be one way or another, more or less thick or with shadows.

Drawing with the Apple Pencil

The second app tested was Graphic, an app with a lot of similarity, if not equal, to Adobe Illustrator. Making vector and layered designs with all the potential of a desktop app is possible in iPad Pro and this app has shown me that. You don’t miss the computer to make any design. With the Pencil it is very fast and simple, I would dare to say that it is even easier than with the computer, since with the Pencil you have more precision than with a mouse.


Now I have understood what the salesman at the Premium Reseller where I bought it told me, “every customer who buys an iPad Pro also gets the Pencil, it is a must”. He is absolutely right, whether you are a designer or not, this product offers you a wide range of possibilities that you must buy.

If you also own these products, we would like you to share your opinions about them, as well as the uses you make of them.

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