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My early days with a next-generation iMac

We have just left the Christmas period behind and the children are still enjoying their gifts. In my case, as I am no longer a child, I am making use of something that came to my house for Christmas. It’s a 27-inch iMac, something I’ve been dreaming about for a long time and now I have on the table. In this article I will describe my user experience after the first few days with the device.

A few days ago, the latest Apple release, the sleek new iMac, arrived at my house. In this case, a 27-inch model that I’ve been pining for for years and that I’ve now managed to acquire. I ordered it on November 30th, via web at the Apple Store and it arrived at my house on January 3rd . The crush was instantaneous and now it’s time to analyze carefully how these days of living together have been.

First impression. Unboxing

My early days with a next-generation iMac
My early days with a next-generation iMac

The presentation and packaging were characteristic of Apple’s products, immaculate . Taking care of the details, when I open the first package, a huge white trapezoid-shaped box appears before my eyes. By carefully opening it, the slender figure with its fine edges and metallic body is exposed.

Once installed in its corresponding place, the first thing that attracts attention, especially for people not familiar with the concept , is the absence of cables in a computer, because it only has one, the power supply and both keyboard and mouse, the famous Magic Mouse, are wireless.

Components and compounds

On the back we can find the different inputs we have, either the four USB ports, two Thunderbolt ports, a memory card reader, the headphone jack and a port for the network cable . From a personal point of view, I am surprised at the absence of Thunderbolt compatible devices today. They are few and very expensive, as a 500 GB hard disk will go up to 275 euros. In fact, I have two Time Capsule and they are not compatible nor expected to be in the short term, forcing me to rely on Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable .

The included keyboard, the classic Apple Apple Wireless Keyboard , is crying out for a renewal that I think is fundamental, especially because this possibility exists in the keyboards of laptops. We’re talking about the backlighting of the keys, something very useful in low light conditions when it comes to typing. Along with the Apple Wireless Keyboard and the Magic Mouse , I use a Magic Trackpad , which makes moving around the system much easier thanks to the customisable gestures.


The experience of turning it on can only be described by one word. Impressive. To see such a screen with such quality to work or enjoy is unparalleled . But such quality has a but, and that is that there is currently almost no content prepared for such a resolution, which we remember is 2560×1600 pixels , so even if you make use of the current high definition with 1080p movies, they will look dull or sawtooth. A lesser evil, however.

It uses Mac OS X Mountain Lion , which although it works very well and improves notably to Mac OS X Lion , has aspects that do not convince me and make me miss the “snow leopard” I have installed on the MacBook Pro. These complaints are mainly related to the customization of some options , like the Dock or the different icons, being impossible to change them in some cases or just more complicated in others.

Going back to usage, the model in question is the 27 inch 3.2GHz model, which is quite noticeable especially when it is required for tasks such as video conversion or some game. When it comes to moving content, it does so without any problems, whether it’s for games or more demanding applications. In my case I have used the F1 2012 game and there is no lag .

Sound is something that had been criticized in this new model. The speakers at the bottom are very thin, the result of the thinness of the frame and the sound I have perceived strong, although perhaps not as clear as it should be . I haven’t had the chance or pleasure to try the previous models so I’m not in a position to say if now the sound is better or worse than those.

I miss a CDDVD player because, although it is true that it is a disused support, if I make a weekly DVD recording for which I will have to buy an external burner or go to my beloved MacBook Pro. Although the design is beautiful, they have sacrificed some aspects to get it, and that is something that has not liked.


This is a great team. It is true that some issues such as the non-inclusion of optical drive or the loss of sound quality in pursuit of gaining thinness can be held against Apple. It’s a computer that doesn’t go unnoticed because of its physical appearance, and it adds a great user experience once you sit down in front of the screen and start squeezing its possibilities. It is expensive, it is true, because 2,079 euros is an amount to think about, although it is no less true that f rents to the competition and, above all, compared to the rest of the Apple catalogue, it is a more than successful purchase . I consider that a high investment in a device of these characteristics which will be used well for years to come, is much more profitable than the investment made in an iPhone or iPad, which also has a very important amount, but a much shorter life.

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