Music for Dropbox on the App Store

Listen to all the music on your Dropbox account, wherever you go.

– See all your music organized by artist, album and song

Music for Dropbox on the App Store
Music for Dropbox on the App Store

– Save music to your device and play at any time – even in airplane mode

– Browse folder by folder, if you prefer

– Compatible with MP3 and M4A (AAC)

– Snapshot stream any song – don’t wait for a download

– Fast forward and rewind tracks

– Play through an entire album

– Listen in the background

– View album cover while listening

Tunebox organizes the music in your Dropbox account, so you can browse by artist, album or song, and play with a full-featured plmusic player.

The first time you run Tunebox, it asks you to help it find the folder where you store your music. It then searches for all the audio files, the indexes and organises them for you. Start listening to music while you do this, and when you do, you’ll have your whole library anywhere.

To use the new Tunebox offline mode, simply press the icon next to a song to save it per line played. At the bottom of any disk or directory, see how many of the songs are saved offline, and save them all at once. Pass a song or album you want to remove from your device.

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