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Music comic, ingenious multimedia comic made in Spain

Cómic musical

There will be people who like it and people who don’t, this is irremediable, but just as the iPod or iPhone were in their time, the iPad is becoming a clear reference when it comes to presenting certain digital leisure content. Many large companies still generate content that makes little use of the features of the iPad (or any other multi-touch tablet), but from time to time developers such as Luis F. Borruey come out and try to find a twist and “Comic book music” seems to try at least.

Music comic, ingenious multimedia comic made in Spain
Music comic, ingenious multimedia comic made in Spain

Based on an original idea by this Valencian composer and screenwriter , with the help of Infinitoo Studio they have created a multimedia comic that combines pop songs with a romantic story. With a dilapidated “El amor no existe” begins the story of a reporter who travels to the Mediterranean coast to make a report and fall in love. All this serves to spin a script with some dark touches.

This comic, written and composed its songs (twelve cuts) in Spanish, also has subtitles in English and Valencian, not in vain the Valencian Community itself has given a grant to it. Luis F. Borruey has come to demonstrate that not everything has been invented and that this new concept of personal computer (the tablets) still has much to say about what it can become.

Perhaps (hopefully) it will help the big companies in the comic world (Marvel, DC, etc…) to get on the bandwagon with something more than the mere offer of simple pdf digital copies of their paper superheroes and start generating content more in line with the possibilities they offer. If you want to try out this musical comic, its recent price reduction to 1.59 euros may encourage you to see what can be achieved with an original story.

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