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Musi for iOS, an app to enjoy music from Youtube

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Music is something many couldn’t do without. On the way to class, at work, while playing sports or meeting friends. Fortunately there are many alternatives to enjoy it: Spotify, Rdio, iTunes Radio, Google Play, Amazon, etc. And of course our own library where we have converted our CD collection to digital.

But there is a service that many use to listen to music, Youtube. Yes, it may seem strange but it’s like that and I’m not surprised because we can find not only music from established artists, but also a lot of covers that are a real wonder , surpassing even the original version. For all those who use Youtube as a way to listen to music there is Musi .

Musi for iOS, an app to enjoy music from Youtube
Musi for iOS, an app to enjoy music from Youtube

Musi offers a purchase option through a link to iTunes StoreMusi allows us to add music from our library as well as use Youtube to search through four predefined lists: Most Liked, Trending, Our Picks and Top Charts. But also manually. These videos will be added to our library. Then, although it is not a comfortable process, we will create a list and from it we will access the + button to add the songs.

When you create the lists or simply add them all to your library, you can listen to them as if they were the iOS Music app. The application will only play the audio.

Musi, a free application that will be useful to more than one. I think it’s great to enjoy those covers on Youtube, but for music from record labels I prefer to keep choosing Spotify.


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