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Multiple Video Calls on WhatsApp Now a Reality

Some users are having the privilege of being able to make group video calls through WhatsApp , for both iOS and Android. Although the latter is appearing in the beta version.

At the moment, this option is being displayed slowly , where not all users can enjoy it (at the moment). Thanks to this video call mode, we can conference up to 3 users simultaneously, at least that’s what we’ve been able to see so far.

Multiple Video Calls on WhatsApp Now a Reality
Multiple Video Calls on WhatsApp Now a Reality

The way this option is represented, would be with two screens vertical and other horizontal on the screen of our smartphone. It is not known when it will be fully activated for all users, but it seems that in iOS version 2.18.52 and Android V beta 2.18.145 it is already available for a reduced number of users.

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is working hard to improve the number one instant messaging service with new features of interest to its users. As usual, though, at a slightly slower pace than expected.

This information comes from WABetaInfo , a media exclusively focused on WhatsApp news, where they offer us a real screenshot of a video call with up to 3 users.

The procedure is not very clear on how to start this multiple video call, surely, with the individual activation of each one, it will appear a icon to add more users, as we can see in the capture.

For some time now, this option has been rumored to be quite interesting so that we can communicate with our friends and family simultaneously. Thanks to the ease of use that WhatsApp has implemented, video calls are becoming a more standardized system of communication among users themselves.

Do you already have multi-party video calling enabled? How do you like this new service? How many users do you think should be allowed to make a video call on WhatsApp?