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Multimedia application developer, a highly demanded profession

The information technology and telecommunications sector is continuously growing, we live in the age of technology and this leads to the creation of new job opportunities or employability profiles .

Among the most demanded technological profiles at present, which makes this occupation a profession with a great future. Aware of this, at the IMF Business School they are programming the master’s degree in multi-platform application development in Madrid , with web and multi-platform programming , because as we all know, access to the web is no longer mainly from desktop computers.

Multimedia application developer, a highly demanded profession
Multimedia application developer, a highly demanded profession

In the business world, the demand for professionals with this type of profile, web and application developers , has grown significantly in recent years. In general, to become an application developer it is usual to come from the computer or engineering field, although there are many self-taught people who are making their way independently.

In any case, there are more than enough reasons to train in this discipline. The first reason is that studying application development is a way of mastering what is already one of the professions of the present and the future. Technological professional profiles are among the most demanded , due to the imperative need for companies to adapt to the challenges of the digital era. Directing labour orientation towards these professions is an almost real guarantee of short- and medium-term employability in a stable manner.

A second added aspect is the one we commented on earlier, this profession, like other new ones in the area of technology, is covered with very diverse profiles, which come from different backgrounds and experiences , either through self-taught training or because they have carried out some higher education study such as that offered by the MFI Business School to broaden their knowledge.

In this sense, it is not strange that profiles from computing, engineering, marketing, the business world or even the more experimental sciences are gathered in the same classroom. In the case of orienting this profession to the future, in the medium and long term, the most advisable thing to do is to opt for professional training or a university degree with which to orient oneself to this field.

Particularly noteworthy is vocational training , as more and more companies are demanding professionals who specialise in practical rather than theoretical knowledge and who have had more direct contact with the world of companies and trades during their training , something that is achieved more through vocational training than through university, which is always recommended.

When a few years ago smartphones and later the rest of mobile devices appeared, especially tablets but also others like smartwatches or smart bracelets, those responsible for designing mobile applications and video games were web developers, that is, professionals from the world of computers who specialized in this task.

Nowadays, access to the web has become so widespread that a developer of multimedia applications must go further, so that the web space occupies only a part of their work, which ultimately involves developing various products, from mobile applications for different media to video game design , obviously including web creation .

It is therefore necessary in all these training activities to give the necessary relevance to the programming languages , something that will increase the differential value in the work environment, thus making those profiles that dominate everything related to programming more competitive.

Finally, the most interesting aspect of training in this discipline is that access to the labour market is greatly facilitated. The technological specialisation is one of the attributes most demanded by companies in their personnel selection. Big Data, CRM, artificial intelligence and product development are some of these most sought-after skills.

As it is still a form of knowledge that is growing, there is enough material on the Internet to start a self-taught path, although training tools such as the one proposed by IMF Business School are unbeatable for acquiring skills in this area.

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