Multi-touch gestures in Mac OS X Lion

One of the great new features of Mac OS X 10.7 “Lion” is undoubtedly the new multi-touch gestures it incorporates (while maintaining those that already existed). In this Screencast, I will cover the gestures explaining what they do, how to activate them and how to perform them.

In a previous post, my colleague Jordi showed us through his Screencast how we could do a clean install of Mac OS X Lion .

Multi-touch gestures in Mac OS X Lion
Multi-touch gestures in Mac OS X Lion

In today’s Screencast, I’ll show you one of Lion’s new features: mutitactile gestures . It is true that is not an innovation in itself , since it already existed in previous versions of the operating system, but it is also true that with the 10.7 Apple has added new movements that can be very useful when working with our team.

To all this we must add that Lion also includes other innovations such as Mission Control and the Launchpad (both accessible through the gestures I have shown you in the video). But this already is out of the question and we will leave it for a future Screencast .

Oh, and remember that to perform the gestures you will need a MacBook with multitouch trackpad or a magic trackpad in case of a desktop.

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