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Mujjo renews her gloves for use with iOS devices


From the manufacturer Mujjo we have already spoken on more than one occasion, we have seen their cases for products such as the iPad or iPhone and even other completely different accessories. Now they are launching a new glove to be used with our iOS device .

Mujjo renews her gloves for use with iOS devices
Mujjo renews her gloves for use with iOS devices

The screen of the iPhone or iPad does not allow to be used with gloves on, unlike other manufacturers, here it is necessary the contact of our skin with the screen to obtain answer. In places where the weather is not excessively cold there are no problems but where it is, removing your gloves to use the device is a little annoying.

Mujjo therefore launches a new edition of her well-known iOS device gloves. This beyond its aesthetics, which can be very personal if you like or not, they offer a more durable material that maximizes the grip by avoiding the fear that we can slip from the hand of the device and fall.

The fabric made of high quality plant coated nylon fibers allows the conductive properties of our skin to pass through it to the screen and everything works as if we were not wearing gloves. An attractive and interesting product, which is not essential but can always be useful and above all a good gift for the dates that are approaching.

The price of the new Mujjo gloves is 24.95 euros. There are also other additional models with leather finishes and a higher price of course. If the previous model was already functional and very aesthetic, I like this new model much better. So maybe we will have to get some for the winter.

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