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Mujjo Mac, iPhone or iPad cases


This is the case of the Mujjo sleeves.

Mujjo Mac, iPhone or iPad cases
Mujjo Mac, iPhone or iPad cases

Looking for a cover is not easy. Especially when you’re looking for more than just an accessory to store your dipstick. Depending on our style we will look for one type or another as well as different materials for its manufacture. All without forgetting the price of course.

Therefore, if you are looking for a simple and classic design, with careful details and a not excessive price, Mujjo’s cases are a great option.

Mujjo is a German design studio founded in 2010 by Remy, Robin and Tom. The products created do not have a great variety and their line is classic , as referred to with the Original name that we can see in the marked leather.

Made of leather or leather and felt, depending on the model . We can find covers in white or brown leather or combining leather and felt, the latter available in two different shades of grey.

As for the price, they are not excessively expensive . The iPhone cases cost 34.95 euros, while for the iPad or MacBook (Air and 13″ Pro) they are 49.95 and 59.95 euros respectively. For the new MacBook Pro Retina it is now 64.95 euros.

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