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Moving Contacts from Android to iOS

There was a time when our mobile phones were only used for calling and, at best, for sending the famous text messages (SMS) that had their glorious moment. Today, we could say that we are half alive on our smartphones. From our social networks to many of our documents and photos, including something very important: our contacts .

When we consider a change of mobile, many of us are very aware of what configuration we will have to do to pass the contacts and all the information we have in our current terminal to the new one. If this change is made between platforms, the process can end up in a headache.

Moving Contacts from Android to iOS
Moving Contacts from Android to iOS

If you have an Android phone and are thinking of switching to the phones on the block, today we want to tell you how to get your contacts from Android to your new iOS device easily and quickly. Here we go!

Transfer your contacts from an Android phone to an iPhone

The first thing we have to do is sync the contacts on the Android phone with the Google account. To do this we go to SettingsAccounts – select the Google account and select Contact Synchronization .

Once we have synchronized our Android phone contacts with Google, we can move them to our iPad or iPhone. On the device we’ll go to SettingsMail, contacts, calendar.Add account and choose the option Other . Now we choose the option Add account CardDAV .

As you can see in the image above, it will ask us for certain data that we will have to fill in so that it is so:

  • In Server we will put
  • Under User we will put our gmail address, for example,
  • In Password we will put the password that we use for our e-mail.
  • In Description we can put whatever we want to identify that account.

Once the data is completed, click on Next and the contacts will start to be stored in the iOS device . When the import is complete you can go to Contacts and check that everyone is there.

It’s clear to us that Contacts aren’t the only concern of a user migrating from Android to iOS or vice versa . What about the apps we’ve bought on one of the two platforms? And what about music, movies and videos? Well, of course we can’t switch all of this between platforms, so we’ll just have to put up with it and lose it.

The truth is that I’ve always thought that the best thing about Apple is that, if all your devices are theirs, the integration and synchronization between devices is a big plus for Cupertino’s . What do you think? Has anyone gone through the “trauma” of switching from Android to iPhone or the other way around ? Tell us your experience.

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