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Mountain Lion will enable barcode scanning for downloading applications


Mountain Lion will enable barcode scanning for downloading applications
Mountain Lion will enable barcode scanning for downloading applications

But it is true that all this is really due to an attempt to make Apple’s two operating systems, OS X and iOS , even more cohesive. That both work in a fast, fluid and joint way, that just as Apple likes, the user does not know that they are there… That he forgets about the system so that he worries about what really matters, to carry out in a simpler way the task that he develops with his Mac or iOS device.

It is undisputed that multi-touch devices , whether “Smartphones” or “Tablets” have become a very important part of the cake . And as such it has to be taken into consideration, Microsoft has already done it, or is already doing it… If it is already possible with Windows phone series and Windows 7, it will be even more so with Windows 8. In my opinion, they are looking for a way for the user not to make a big jump from a desktop computer to one of these multi-touch devices. And Apple is also looking for the perfect ecosystem for its operating systems.

And another new feature (of the 100 announced by Apple) is that Mountain Lion will be able to scan barcodes to download applications. This way, we’ll be able to use our Mac camera to interpret barcodes printed on a card and download a specific application. It may seem of little use to the operating system user, little more than speeding up the task slightly, but it is in my opinion very interesting for the developer trying to promote his applications.

This tendency to include more and more iOS features within Mac OS X, makes some people think that Apple is abandoning its computer operating system, I even think it sometimes. But if you really calibrate it, Apple with OS X already has a great operating system behind it, that works, is stable and reliable. Yes, like any software it has bugs, and Lion brought a number of bugs that still need to be fixed. Those who have been able to test this Mountain Lion, even being a beta, assure that the system is very fluid and stable and that if you use SSDs for the system its improvement is abysmal.

In my opinion, in the next months we will see what new features the system has, because for now we have had a little snack of it , but as always the system will continue being OS X inside it and even if it pretends to implement and make for itself iOS features, the base will still be there. The only thing left to do is to know what the price of the new operating system will be and if its purchase will be justified or not.

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