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Motorola beats Apple in Germany

Patent wars are the order of the day. Rare is the company that is not sued or suing another in this technological world. That’s why we show you below the latest news of Apple’s fight against Motorola.

We all know about the constant patent fights between big companies. In the last few months they have been the order of the day: Apple against Samsung, Samsung against Apple, Motorola against Apple… And again. To get a little idea of how the patent fight is, we can look at the image at the beginning, created by Reuters , although I recommend you not to look too much, because you can get dizzy with so many crossed lines.

Motorola beats Apple in Germany
Motorola beats Apple in Germany

The latest news of this war, which comes from TUAW , tells us that Motorola has put Apple on the ropes, at least in Germany, where a court in Mannheim ruled that Cupertino’s had violated one of Motorola’s patents related to 3G. This ruling could lead to a ban on all Apple devices prior to iPhone 4S , including iPad 3G models and all iPhones. One way to avoid this ban would be to reach an agreement with Motorola to “share” the patents with Apple. Another way, although much more unlikely, would be to change the design of future devices.

Apple will probably appeal this ruling, as is trying to invalidate several patents (including some related to 3G) at a Federal Patent Court in Munich. If it wins this appeal, Motorola’s victory will be an illusion, leaving it again at a disadvantage to Apple. For the time being, it can be proud to be one of the few companies that have been able to beat Apple in court.

And I ask myself: Wouldn’t it be more productive for companies and more beneficial for users if everyone reached an economic agreement? They wouldn’t have problems manufacturing and selling their products and we wouldn’t have to listen to so many stories of legal battles that, frankly, are starting to get a bit “tiresome”.

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